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Rob was able to leave his full-time job
after partnering with Publift.

WordSolver's ad revenue doubled
with a 216% uplift.

Envato achieved optimal ad layouts,
maintaining user experience.

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Ad Revenue Uplift

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Web Performance

Understand your Core Web Vitals scores


Ensure your web page is safe and secure

  • Page views (or pageviews): A ‘page view’ occurs when a user views a web page on a website. If a user or visitor visits more than one page, these are counted as additional page views.
  • CPM: Also known as ‘Cost Per Mille’ or cost per thousand impressions, refers to how much it costs to have an ad published and seen a thousand times on a website. This metric is used to monitor ad performance.
  • Ad Units: An ad unit is a space on a web page or app where an advertisement is displayed or ‘served’. Ad units appear in many layouts, formats and sizes across various devices including banner ads, sticky ads, in-content ads and interstitial ads.
  • Impressions: An impression or ‘ad view’ is a metric used to measure how many times an advertisement is displayed to a user on a web page or within an app. An impression is counted regardless of whether the ad is clicked or not, and if ad refresh is implemented, each new ad served counts as a new impression.

How It Works

AdSense or Google Ad Managers user looking to grow your business

AdSense is a great starting point, but it’s just one demand partner. Find out how you can get more revenue from your site without impacting users with Publift’s programmatic advertising platform Fuse.

Our Platform is Built For

Independent Publishers looking to access more premium demand partners

Get even more competition for your ad inventory with access to over 25 premium demand partners. We’ll set you up with the best partners for your individual site, with personalized ad optimizations unique to your users and business model. Get access to all of your reporting in one place with our Fuse all-in-one automated reporting dashboard.

App Publishers or App Developers looking to increase your ad revenue

Boost your in-app ad revenue and grow your business with Fuse Apps by Publift. We’ll give you access to over 10 app advertising demand partners, and make sure you have the right ad formats to maximize your revenue without impacting user experience.

Programmatic Advertising Jargon Glossary

Drive results using sophisticated,
data-driven features and innovative insights.

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Navigating ad tech’s acronyms, terminology and jargon can be a challenge. Here are a few definitions of common terms and metrics. You can also check out our extended Ad Tech Jargon Glossary.


  • Our estimations combine your data with Publift’s historical experience based on seasonality, advertising density, devices used, countries where traffic originates, and CPMs. This automated analysis does not review your ad layout or optimizations. This may occur afterward by one of our specialists Yield Managers.

  • Our estimations are subject to your individual website and existing setup.

  • Please note that these are estimates only and other factors may affect the projections.  

Web Performance

As a publisher, maintaining a healthy score on your Core Web Vitals is crucial - it's a major ranking factor for search engines. Scan your domain and get actionable results to make sure you’re optimizing your user experience and performing well in your Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), and First Input Delay (FID) scores.


Protect your website with our security scan. We check your site for vulnerabilities by conducting port scanning so you can identify and secure ports.

Ad Revenue Uplift

Programmatic advertising is complex and many factors affect your revenue. By integrating your Google AdSense and Google Analytics data, we are able to give you a more accurate projection of what you could be earning with Publift! Learn more about it here.

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